Interpretive Rides

Interpretive RidesColorado is a geologist's dream, the backbone of America. The Rocky Mountains consist of over a dozen individual mountain ranges, each with its own geological history. Underlying Guffey is the same ancient granite that makes up Pikes Peak, but much of that was covered with lava about 35 million years ago, when a huge volcano very close to Guffey erupted. The resulting ash fell over a long lake at Florissant, creating the world famous fossil beds (which you shouldn't miss while visiting the area). Then, when the glaciers melted at the end of the last ice age, huge floods cut valleys over the entire area. The area is rich in minerals, and has a varied mining history.

The biological diversity is rich, as well. Native to the area are aspens, spruce, ponderosa pine, bristlecone pine (some of the oldest living things on Earth), and over 100 species of wildflowers. While riding through this country, you might encounter deer, wapiti (elk), badgers, foxes, coyotes, porcupines, weasels, bears, or cougars.

When you take an interpretive tour, you'll be accompanied by a professional scientist, who can point out the many interesting features of Guffey's geology, plants, and animals. You won't be riding a canned nature trail; go where you want and check out what interests you. The discussion will be informal and follow the ride. Material can be presented at any level, suitable for children through experts.

Our normal half-day interpretive rides may be taken either in the morning or afternoon. Optionally, we can provide a cookout lunch, with grilled burgers at our teepee campsite. Lunch is included with full-day rides.


  • Half-day interpretive ride: $150 per person
  • Full-day interpretive ride: $200 per person

Prices are based on a group of 2-6 riders. Contact us for single rider or large group pricing- we try to be flexible! We do have some special discounts available; call or email for details.

Information and Reservations

Please let us know if you have any questions, or would like to book a ride. Bookings tend to fill fast, especially in summer, so the earlier you can plan your trip, the more likely we are to accommodate you on your first choice of date and time.

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